December 10, 2006

A new way to determine gender?

When I brought the ultrasound picture home from my doctor's visit and showed it to the boys, our 4 1/2-year-old responded with an excited "We're having another BABY!" Then he pointed at it and said, "I know what THAT is (pointing at the picture), it's a BOY!!!" Now, the ultrasound was taken just shy of 12 the gender of the baby wasn't evident. Curious, I asked, "how can you tell it's a boy?" He outlined the head with his finger and said, "because it's got a round head." My husband stumped him with the question, "well, what shape would a girl's head be?"

Who knows, maybe he's onto something. I wouldn't know. I don't have experience with baby girl ultrasounds (at least not that I'm aware of).

December 3, 2006

Four-year-old humor

It's fun to see kids' imaginations at work. I cracked-up one morning when I awoke to find this car with the bat & ball driving (it's a paddle toy - the ball is attached to the bat with a string). I had to ask my husband first if he'd set the pair up in the car - he's been known to hide a child-sized Spiderman in strange places around the house for laughs. But no, it was our four-year-old who set it up. He told me so with a very pleased grin on his face.