May 22, 2007

A Better Translation

It's been a busy few weeks preparing for the arrival of baby #4 - she's making her grand entrance tomorrow morning. One afternoon the boys were a bit more wound up than usual, and I commented about putting on a video to help them un-wind. A little later our five year old asked, "can you put on a video to help 'unwild' us?"

I think he captured the essence of the moment better than I did.

May 4, 2007

Easter Update

I just realized that after all the complaining I did last Easter about getting a family photo, I should probably post this photo of everyone cooperating (with the camera on a tripod) this year. These whole-group-shots are so few and far between!

May 1, 2007

Gearing up for the baby sister

A couple weekends ago a girlfriend threw my first baby shower. It's a little different having a shower for your FOURTH baby - but it was actually a lot of fun considering this is our first little girl. When I came home from the shower I was greeted by all my boys who were very interested in all the gifts. Our three-year-old asked which ones were for him :)

At first they were having fun just looking at the clothes. That quickly progressed to actually trying on the clothes. I'm sure someday these photos will be the source of great embarrassment, but for the present it was just a lot of fun.