February 26, 2012

One of THOSE days

I have some experience with my children taking things too literally.  However, my latest experience tops all to-date and still leaves me speechless.  I was talking with friends after church on Wednesday evening.  The boys were running around kicking a soccer ball, and my daughter was sitting on my hip.  It had been a VERY long day and I was exhausted.  I said to my friend, "Well, I should get them home before I kill somebody."  Next thing I knew my 4 1/2 year old was whaling, "But I don't want to get keeeylld!  I don't want to die!!!!" 

Seriously, I still don't know what to say. 

December 19, 2011

What a Duckzaster!!

It appeared she had all her ducks in a row....
...until I discovered the Duckzaster at ground zero.

December 4, 2011

"Come Here, Dumbo!"

So, my four year old daughter likes to pretend she's "Dumbo the Kangaroo." (I have no idea where this came from). This morning at church she said, "Mom, tell me, 'Come here Dumbo!'" Then she said, "Say, 'Put your coat on, Dumbo.'" I'm just waiting for someone in some public place to pull me aside and read me the riot act over what a bad parent I must be. Why couldn't she pick something like "Sweetums," "Cutie," or even "Sally," the Kangaroo?! Sheesh.

November 6, 2011

When "Work" Makes a Mother-Teacher Smile

At lunch today my 7-year-old overheard a conversation about pushing and pulling and interjected, "Mom, don't scientists call that 'work'?" 

April 1, 2011

"It's Like I'm Having Surgery!"

Apparently our third son (who is presently 5) has a flair for the dramatic.  This morning while I was cutting his fingernails, he exclaimed, "It's like I'm having surgery!"  I cannot help but roll my eyes.  Oh my. 

December 2, 2010

Those are MY ducks!

That our daughter has a "thing" for ducks is an understatement.  An unnamed parent in our house did a fabulous job of buying...but was not very discreet about hiding certain Christmas presents.  There is presently a very disgruntled chorus of "those are my ducks!  I wanna see my ducks!!!" ....being cried in the background.

July 30, 2010

"Is that the poop singing?"

My three-year-old daughter hears music in everything.  Not too long ago, we were driving around and had a hitch in the back of the truck and it made a loud "clank".  She joyfully exclaimed, "it's making MUSIC!"  Earlier today, she pooted, and then asked, "Is that the poop singing?"   I wonder what's next?