February 24, 2008

What happened next?

There's not a picture of it, but APPARENTLY that mud was VERY slippery, and on the next shovel, our four-year-old went into the water head-first. I was reassured by his Uncle that our son had put his swimming lessons to good use. (Don't worry, Grandma, Uncle and Auntie were all there with them, and he was quickly rescued from the cold water). Why the large clothes? I was still up at the house getting a little extra sleep after a rough night and none of Grandma, Daddy, Uncle or Auntie knew where the kids' jackets were, so they improvised with some of Grandma's clothes.

By the way,that is the waterdog Taz himself taking a dip, no suprise there.

February 17, 2008

In Loving Memory of Grampa

We all received very sad news two weeks ago Sunday; my dad passed away unexpectedly. This photo was the last photo taken of my dad. I was packing our van the week after Christmas and our two-year-old brought a book to him and said, "you read this book to me?" Then he climbed on his lap without waiting for an answer. Shortly thereafter the other boys climbed up too. I am so grateful my mom took this photo. That he will be missed doesn't even begin to describe it.