July 30, 2006

Jump Mommy Jump!

Who knew that jumping around could be so much fun!!! The boys seemed a bit skeptical that their mother would actually get up and jump on the trampoline. You can see their close inspection in the lower-right photo.


July 19, 2006

Armies...tanks...and casualties.

About a month ago my husband bought our sons (4 and 2) their first set of green army men. The boys were delighted when they woke up to see them arranged in their fortified enclosure (paper castle). Our four year old exclaimed "armies! armies!" (meaning "soldiers"). The favored items were the two tanks. But casualties mounted quickly as one tank lost it's gun on the way to an appointment (with the help of our four year old) and the second tank was left at the appointment (credit goes to the two-year-old). Did I mention that happened on the first day of play?

July 18, 2006

Waving Baby

Brawny Baby must be one of the most personable babies ever! I kept thinking I had a lot of photos of him waving. When I took stock, there were even more than I remembered.

July 10, 2006

"He's so daaarling!"

Our two-year-old gets an amazing number of comments about how "daaarling" he is. I wonder if I need to consult a dictionary for the definition of the word "darling." Yes that is DIRT on his face in two of those photos, some kind of food item in a third, and if you could only hear the maniacle laugh coming out of his mouth in the fourth...you might decide to consult a dictionary with me!

For more evidence to support my claim see here, here, and here!

July 1, 2006

Technically speaking

On the way home from a restaurant today, our two-year-old started playing his own version of the "What does (fill in the blank) start with?" It went like this:

2YO: "What starts with 'car'?"
Mom: "'Car' starts with 'c'"
2YO: "What starts with 'tree'?"
Mom: "'Tree' starts with 't'"
2YO: "What starts with 'boat'?"
Dad: "Boat starts with gas"
2YO: "No it doesn't!!!"