November 13, 2009

Sweet Song

Overheard as our four-year-old sang softly to his 2 1/2 year-old sister (he had his arm around her shoulder and she was drinking it up)

"God is the best, but you are great too. And your eyes are turning blue-green. You'll stay with us..." It was a much longer song, but I couldn't understand all the words - they were so quiet and sweet.

September 2, 2009

Little Miss Sleep-Deprived

One of the drawbacks to a toddler bed is accessibility. I knew Ms. Dimples had been doing some playing and falling asleep on the floor during naptime (you can see the evidence below). She never complains about naptime, and is pretty quiet about her playing (unless there is a loud toy available). However, I think she took playing to a new level today. The photo at the bottom is how I found her when I went in to the room this evening - and the room didn't look like that when she went IN to nap.

June 26, 2009

"Daddy has an extra face"

Our comedian struck again. As soon as his dad picked him up, he squeezed his face close and said, "Daddy has an extra face!" I guess he already realizes how much he resembles his dad.

June 24, 2009


Our little comedian was at it again. All I heard was a strange voice coming from my 3 1/2-year-old saying "I'm CREEPY....I'm CREEPY." He was referring to his creative use of the googly eye stickers.

May 21, 2009

Knock-Knock Joke of the Day

On the way to a doctor's appointment for Ms. Dimples, the boys were having fun telling knock-knock jokes to each other. They still don't get it - but anyway....after a stretch of silence this came along:

5YO- "Mom, say 'knock-knock' to me"
Me - "Knock-knock"
5YO- "Who's there?"
Me - "The problem is I don't have a knock-knock joke"
5YO- "The problem is I don't have a knock-knock joke, who?"
Me - (hysterical laughing in the van)....

...then again, maybe they DO get it.

May 16, 2009

It Could Be Worse

Thank goodness this didn't happen here or here.

May 4, 2009

You Can Lead an Elephant to Water, But You Can't Make it Drink

I heard some banging in the kitchen and when I went to investigate, this is what I found. Ms. Dimples first pointed to the elephant and said, "Dis a fant," and then pointed to the water and said, "dis a wato," and "dis a wato an a fant."

May 3, 2009

Made in China

As a child I don't remember having any awareness of where my toys came from, as far as country of origin. So it struck me as particularly funny today when our 5 year old (#2 boy) said, "Mom, I think most of our toys were made in China!" and he then proceeded to bring out example, after example that proved his point.

April 10, 2009

Cutting Room Floor

I've finally gotten around to working on my scrapbooks after a long hiatus. Tonight, I ran across this photo. I'm not sure how it avoided the blog - but I think it deserves at least an honorable mention - albeit a year after the fact. This is Ms. Dimples in April 2008 - either showing off?!? or expressing her displeasure at being left inside.

April 5, 2009

Volume Control

This morning our 3 1/2 year old asked to play his brother's Game Boy. This is not something that has happened often. I decided to let him play it, with the condition, "if you're going to play it, you need to turn the sound all the way down." To which he responded, "but then I can't hear it."

March 30, 2009

Acceptable Road Kill

Last night on the way home from dinner we had an animal encounter. There was a cat sauntering across the road in front of us. Our sons, concerned for the safety of the cat asked their dad if he had run it over. He told the boys "we try not to run over animals" to which our 6 year old replied, "except maybe cockroaches!"

February 18, 2009

"It's like a hospital overwhelmed with wounded!"

Our six-year-old's commentary about the current state of their hamper.

January 8, 2009