August 25, 2008

The Sucky Store

I was out with our almost 3-year-old for his "special day" (a day that I only go with one child). After throwing pennies in the fountain, eating lunch, playing in the play area, and buying a sucker at the candy shop, we walked to the coffee shop (for me). On the way, my son enjoyed his sucker. In the elevator, he showed it to another person and proudly announced, "I got a sucker!" Playing along, she said, "oh, I'd like a sucker, where did you get it?" To which he replied, "at the sucky store."

August 20, 2008

I didn't expect this from the GIRL ...

...and to top it off, she's thrilled about it.

August 19, 2008

Welcome Miss Molly

Not only did our oldest ride Molly everyday last week, he also cleaned and oiled his saddle, swept the hay out of Grandma's truck, and cleaned out Molly's pen each evening. By the end of the week, he was also able to mount and dismount unassisted, and ride well solo at the walk and trot.

More photos coming soon - a few special ones of each of the kids on Molly, and one suprise.