April 29, 2006

NOW it's my birthday!

Our oldest son turns four tomorrow. We are celebrating his birthday today at "A Day Out With Thomas". This morning as he was getting dressed he said to his dad, "I need my Thomas underwear." After he put them on he proudly announced "Now it's my birthday!"

(And if anyone is thinking about giving me a hard time about celebrating his birthday a day early this year- I did go into labor on the 29th...it just took 41 hours for him to make his grand entrance.)


Jay KTX said...

So . . . he considers his Thomas underwear his "birthday suit"! And now he graduates from your "almost four-year old son" to your "four year old son." Quite an event!

Sleep-Deprived said...

Yes it was a big day! Loved your "birthday suit" comment...that would have made a great headline for the post.

Cindy said...

I hope you can visit my blog since your a strong women and all.