June 11, 2006

I like birds

This evening our four-year-old and I were outside. There was a bird up on the phone wire and he pensively said, "I like birds."

I put my hand on his head and lovingly said, "aw, you do?"

He said, "yeah...I like to scare them."

Now he is a very sweet-natured boy, so this comes across particularly funny to me. And by scare them, I now understand what he and his brother are doing when they're "screaming" at the birds on the wires. I always thought he was "talking" to them - you know, in bird-language. Live and learn.


Layman said...

I like birds too.

Usually through intermediaries like Pollo Loco or KFC, though.

Sleep-Deprived said...

What can I say? Like father, like son.

Grammy said...

Well, I got a good laugh out of this one. When I read what the sweet little one said about birds, I thought, "He's just like his father. Chip off the block."