July 10, 2006

"He's so daaarling!"

Our two-year-old gets an amazing number of comments about how "daaarling" he is. I wonder if I need to consult a dictionary for the definition of the word "darling." Yes that is DIRT on his face in two of those photos, some kind of food item in a third, and if you could only hear the maniacle laugh coming out of his mouth in the fourth...you might decide to consult a dictionary with me!

For more evidence to support my claim see here, here, and here!


Jen said...

how cute!

Grammy said...

Yes, but ... includng your reference photos, there are 9 of him smiling and only 1 crying. What a darling (dear, honey, sweetheart, light of one's life)!

Sleep-Deprived said...

Actually, I'm not sure which photo you are referring to, as none in this post are of him crying (unless you mean crying out in a maniacle laugh!)

No doubt we love him :) but "darling" just sounds more meek than what comes to mind when I think of our passionate little ball of energy.

Layman said...

Well, IMO, he is darling. But darling has taken on an expanded meaning for me.