April 30, 2007

The harsh realities of turning five

Our oldest son turned five today. The day seemed filled with far too many realities for a five year old. As he dressed himself this morning, he asked me (quite concerned) if he would now be too big for his shirt. I assured him that it would still fit.

A little later in the morning, he asked why Daddy had to work away from home today (he sees his daddy work from home from time to time and I guess he just wanted him home today). I was just trying to affirm what a good Daddy he has, and how thankful we are that he has a good job. I took the opportunity to mention that someday he too would be a good husband and daddy etc, but got a far different response than I had expected. He got really quiet...and quiet turned somber...and somber turned to tears. And he said, "but I don't want to not live here." It took ten minutes of talk and consoling to reassure him that adulthood was still a far ways off, and that he didn't need to "worry" about it.

I mentioned how he would one day find the woman he was going to marry, and would want to have his own home and raise his own family. Then he quietly responded, "but there are so many women...how am I going to know which one to pick?" I assured him that when the time came God would show him the right one.

To end the day, the boys played outside for a good part of the afternoon. And it seemed as if to add injury to insult, he slipped from the top rung of the steps and landed right on his privates. Poor guy, he didn't even know what it was that hurt so bad. All he could say was that he hurt his bottom.

After all that happened today...I'm glad we actually celebrated his birthday yesterday!


Jay KTX said...

He's such a thoughtful, sensitive little guy. It's a good thing he had one day of celebration before he had a day of sobering reality! I remember turning 5. I thought it was a big deal, too.

Sleep-Deprived said...

Hubby and I both remember assuring our parents we'd "never leave home." I just don't remember thinking about it quite as early as age 5!