October 20, 2007

It's a BOY...and a GIRL...and a BOY..and....

We've been looking at a lot of insects lately (spiders included). Six weeks ago, my husband caught a large grasshopper in the evening. By morning, much to our surprise it laid a BUNCH of eggs. I thought it would be great for the boys to see the lifecycle, until I figured out that they weren't due to hatch until spring. Either it was a different type of grasshopper than I looked up, or the living conditions caused an early hatch, but imagine my surprise as I was washing some dishes in the kitchen and kept seeing a little green thing jumping. I thought maybe a baby cricket had found its way into the sink, but on closer inspection it was definitely a grasshopper...make that about a HUNDRED grasshoppers (no longer contained in their container!). The top photo is of the eggs right after they were laid, and before I covered them with dirt; middle is the hatch; and last is a group of the little buggers on my washcloth rack (before we escorted them outside).

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