January 3, 2008

Who wants to be a shoe?

A playful conversation between our almost 4-year-old and our 2-year-old:

4YO: "Who wants to be a shoe?!"
2YO: "Not me!"
4YO: "But you can step on people and make them flat!"


kath said...

I also had 4 kids in five years... my girl was my third..

you are in for a wild ride! enjoy every minute , it goes too fast . But I do promise that these are the best years of your life... when the kids are small and @home.

Christine said...

Ha, ha! That's great! I'd love to be a shoe sometimes....

Kelly said...

I just read your blog about your sweet boy drinking out of the doggy bowl. You're right...it could've been worse! That is so funny! Thanks for sharing!

Sleep-Deprived said...

Kath - thanks for the encouragement - it's always great to hear others who have so enjoyed the journey with little ones :)

Christine - you just made the image FAR more visual (and hilarious) for me ... thanks for the added laugh!

And Kelly - you're in for lots of great moments with Archer...I hope you'll keep sharing them on your blog :)