June 22, 2008

Family Photo

In an act of extraordinary spontaneity on my part, we all headed to a picnic site in the Angeles National Forest for an early dinner at the suggestion of Mr. Sleep-Deprived (who also gets credit for packing all the stuff for the outing). It's not a perfect picture, but not bad for a camera on a tripod. I still haven't figured out how to get a one-year-old to smile at a tripod and flashing camera light. Of course even if Ms. Dimples had cooperated, our 4-year-old seems bent on goofing around (note the horse shoes), and our 2 1/2-year-old has his usual "canned-smile" that really isn't a good look for him. But hey, we're all there and accounted for - and I don't look particularly sleep-deprived!!!


Jay KTX said...

Great family photo. I love it.

Christine said...

What a great photo! You look fabulous!