May 21, 2009

Knock-Knock Joke of the Day

On the way to a doctor's appointment for Ms. Dimples, the boys were having fun telling knock-knock jokes to each other. They still don't get it - but anyway....after a stretch of silence this came along:

5YO- "Mom, say 'knock-knock' to me"
Me - "Knock-knock"
5YO- "Who's there?"
Me - "The problem is I don't have a knock-knock joke"
5YO- "The problem is I don't have a knock-knock joke, who?"
Me - (hysterical laughing in the van)....

...then again, maybe they DO get it.


Layman said...

That's the funniest knock-knock joke I have heard in a while.

Jeff said...

I read this a couple times and each time I laugh. :-)

Christine said...

LOL! Actually one of the things I least enjoy is their dumb jokes at this age- the ones they make up and that have no punch line. Maybe someday I'll miss them, but I doubt it! :)