July 30, 2010

"Is that the poop singing?"

My three-year-old daughter hears music in everything.  Not too long ago, we were driving around and had a hitch in the back of the truck and it made a loud "clank".  She joyfully exclaimed, "it's making MUSIC!"  Earlier today, she pooted, and then asked, "Is that the poop singing?"   I wonder what's next?


Anonymous said...

What's next? A lifetime of such experiences I expect! At least that's what her Grammy thinks.

I am glad she has parents wise enough not to try and turn off that internal receiver she was born with that hears music where others don't.

Elise @A Path Made Straight said...

Oh my goodness! I've never heard anyone else use the term pooted! It made me laugh out loud!

Ah, three-year-olds. I love their minds! Thank you for sharing this laughter today.

Blessings on you!