February 11, 2006

THAT cow doesn't moo

Let me preface this by saying I grew up on a small farm/ranch. As a kid exhibiting animals at the fair, it always amazed me to meet kids that didn't know where their milk/meat came from (aside from the grocery store).

Tonight, I made filet mignon for dinner. My husband was explaining to our son that meat comes from cows (steers if you want to get picky about it). When we sat down to eat, mine was too rare for my taste and I made some comment that it was still "mooing." After putting it on the grill a little longer, I sat down to eat.

My son said, "that's not a cow..."
So I poked it with my fork and said "sure it is...moo"
He replied, "THAT one doesn't moo!"


Busy Mom said...

Hey,it looks like you got caught up in my spam blacklist somehow! Sorry, I think I fixed it.

Sleep-Deprived said...

Hi Busy Mom - I DID - I DID get caught up in your spam blacklist - a while ago. But you had so much going on with your Mom, and you getting sick etc etc - I figured the last thing you needed to be fiddling with was me not being able to leave a comment.

I will go try it out :) THANKS!!!

Layman said...

Maybe he was using a rural term indicating disbelief, like "That dog won't hunt" or "That skunk don't stink."

Sounds similar: "That cow doesn't moo."