October 16, 2006

"ExcUUUUUUse me, Mom?"

We were driving home from dinner the other night and back-seat-drivers #1 and #2 were in full-fledge back-seat-driver mode. After being asked why I wasn't going yet (answer: because the cars in front of me aren't moving yet); did I turn my blinker on (answer: YES); why didn't I go when the light was still yellow; and as many more questions as you can come up with, I finally decided to just ignore the last question.

Our four-year-old in the back started saying, "excuse me, Mom?" (no answer), "Excuse me, Mom" (a little louder), and finally he belted out "excUUUUUUUUse me, Mom? Why aren't you answering me?"

My husband and I couldn't stop laughing at the exaggerated "Excuse me" - thankfully, home wasn't far away.

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monkeygirl said...

Gotta love the things kids say!!