October 6, 2006

Life at the home improvement store

We've been spending a LOT of time in home improvement stores lately. By "we" I mean the boys and me...searching, hunting, sometimes praying for the right doors, fixtures, vanity, vanity top etc etc. At our last visit, we were standing in front of the vanity tops while I tried to decide on the color of double sink I want (I want the all in one sink/top). As I stood there (probably looking rather dumb-founded), our four-year-old began to implore, "but Mommy, they're too SMALL!" We went back and forth a couple times with:

Me: "They're not too small"
Son: "Yes they are, they're just too small"
Me: "There will be two of them, they're not too small"

The revelation finally came when he replied, "but Mom, they're too small for a bathtub!"

Bwa ha ha! It took me a minute to recover from laughing before I could return to picking out the vanity top. Comic relief, it's a GOOD thing during remodeling.

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