January 14, 2007

Have Pillow, Will Travel...and Sleep

Some kids have a security blanket, our middle son has chosen a security pillow. It's not the easiest thing to carry around, but I guess it's worth the effort once he reaches his destination.


Trivium Academy said...

What a wonderful name for your blog! And I love the photos. It was nice to see your comment this morning and I wanted to come by and thank you.

You don't have to do all that I do for preschool, there are great preschool programs out there such as Before Five in A Row and Little Hands to Heaven (? or For His Glory), you could also just do it yourself. Walmart and other stores have the preschool workbooks and handwriting books. We're using Slow and Steady Get Me Ready for our ds2.

Congratulations on your new blessing! Sleep-deprived is right! There are some things we just wouldn't trade for anything in the world. I love your children's comments.

: )

Sleep-Deprived said...


Thanks so much for your kind comments (and continued encouragement).

So glad you stopped by :)

Christine said...

That is the cutest thing! And no, I haven't stolen your identity. I hope to give it back very soon!


Sleep-Deprived said...


Laughing about the whole identity thing. I actually feel like I should be writing under the name "pseudo-sleep-deprived" until baby #4 arrives...because I KNOW I'll be more sleep-deprived then than I am now!!!

Elise said...

Oh, I love these pictures! Those were the days, right? When we were allowed to be attached to things that helped us sleep better, play better, work better. Oh, to be unadaptable again! :)
(I'm sure he's not completely unadaptable, don't get my wrong! You know what I'm saying!)

dakotablueeyes said...

that's so cute