January 3, 2007

"How did THAT happen?"

Our four year old asked when we found out we're having a baby girl.

The question isn't about having a baby - it's about how it could be a girl (see previous post).


Stormy said...


I expect she'll be one very tough and very pampered little girl! Three older brothers!

Anonymous said...

You know, if I were you, I wouldn't be confident it is a girl until she was laid in my arms! Little boys could quite possible be prophetic! :)
I have two sons, and when the ultrasound technician said our third was a girl, I didn't believe him, and was not fully accepting until I LOOKED FOR MYSELF after they laid her on my chest!
And I still pinch myself. You're gonna love it!

Sleep-Deprived said...

Funny - I actually realized it was a girl before the doctor said so. I had been looking at some little girl ultrasounds -since I didn't have any previous experience with them- and the whole "three lines" thing was VERY obvious. The doctor laughed when I said, "oh my gosh, three lines...it's a girl!"

I'm still going through the epiphany moments of "I'm going to have a daughter"...and "oh my, we're going to have dolls etc etc". I'm sure I will love it :) Glad you do too!

Ken D Nelson said...

Jenny & Family,

As a father of two daughters, and now a son :), and being a big brother, I have to say that your princess will be well loved and taken care of. Daughters are a special treat, mine keep me on my toes. I expect that a daughter will be extra special in a house of boys. It will be interesting to watch the hormone equalization in both our houses.



Sleep-Deprived said...

I had to laugh at your "hormone equalization" comment. Sometimes when people would bemoan the fact that we didn't have girls (other than me)...I enjoyed responding that I didn't necessarily think it was a bad thing to only have one hormonal person in the house at a time. ;)

All joking aside, I know we'll love having a daughter! I like the idea that she'll have three big brothers to watch out for her in addition to her dad :)