December 11, 2007

Where does your strength come from?

We were at a restaurant having dinner when our oldest complained he was getting tired. I rather facetiously suggested that he should forego playing his Gameboy the following day (during his brothers' naps) and instead take a nap. His response: "My Gameboy gives me strength."


HorseyChickAG said...

I absolutely LOVED your blog! The pictures, kid quotes and stories were cute and very humorous! Thanks for sharing a little piece of your beautiful family with others!


Sleep-Deprived said...

Horseychick - thanks for stopping by. So glad you enjoyed the blog. In a way it's a labor of love...but probably more appropriately it serves me in that it helps me keep track of many comments and moments that would otherwise be lost into oblivion (I'm always grateful to refer back when I am scrapbooking our family albums). Thanks again for visiting :)