December 10, 2007

"You're a BOOK!"

The boys were watching Milo and Otis. During a scene with Milo, Otis and a snake our two-year-old announced, "I'm a cat!"

Asked about his 5-year-old brother, he said,"you're a DOG!"
About his almost 4-year-old brother, "you're a NAKE (snake)!"
Then his dad said, "what am I?" He thought for a moment and proudly announced, "you're a BOOK!"
Finally, "what about mom?" Again he thought, and with a grin announced, "you're a VAN!"

Pretty descriptive, considering how often he sees his dad reading, and me driving everyone around!


Jay KTX said...

Dad being a book and you being a van are "spot on." How did his brothers respond to his take on them?

Sleep-Deprived said...

The brothers didn't seem to mind. They play the "you're a..." game a lot together. It's usually pretty good natured, though occasionally someone gets offended (no real rhyme or reason as to why).

Layman said...

The consensus appears to be that calling someone a "dude" is somehow insulting and reason for outrage.

Sleep-Deprived said...

That's true. Strange that "you're a snake" passes without consideration, but "you're a dude" always results in whining and serious protest.