November 24, 2005


Have you had the opportunity to listen to emerging talkers on a baby monitor? The following are a few different conversations I heard that cracked me up.

Around age two and before we put black-out shades in his room, our older son often woke up in the morning excitedly calling "The sun is here! The sun is here!" Which was our cue that he was awake and ready for us to come get him out of bed. That later became a whiney "I'm awaaaaaaake, I'm awaaaaake."

More recently I heard the following conversation between my now 3 1/2 year old and 22 month old:

Little brother: "awake, Ve-Ve?" (Ve-Ve is what he calls his big brother)
Big brother: "you're not sleeping very well..."
Little brother "Ve-Ve awake?"
Big brother: (after getting up and turning on the light) "OH NO! Daddy broke the rest of the train track! (pause) That wasn't very nice."
Big brother: "I think the sun is here. Do you want me to open the door so we can go out in the living room?" (sounding like a challenge) "I WILL!"
Little brother: Yeah!

(mother sighing in the background) I guess it's time to get up.

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