November 18, 2005

"Take a picture of me falling off the chair!"

My previous post pictured my son ACTUALLY falling off a chair. A week later he fabricated this situation and called me in from the other room pleading, "Mommy, Mommy, take a picture of me falling off the chair!"


Mom of 4 said...

I guess this shows the power of affirmation. This is why we should not always laugh when our kids do something funny that may not be funny if repeated or done when they're a teenager or older. It's tough though. We caught Dominic a few weeks ago on the dining room table. He had climbed up the chair and sat in the middle of the table eating his brothers' and sister's doughnuts. We didn't want to laugh as to encourage him, but we did take pictures as evidence. Too funny. I'm glad he has not repeated the cute offense.

Sleep-Deprived said...

Definitely true. We've had more than one "soda-out-your-nose" snorts while trying to hold back laughter. I am glad in this case he actually laid the chair down and draped himself over it (versus actually re-enacting the original fall off the chair).