May 13, 2006

Mad Dog

Ah the fun of the digital delay! Periodically I am surprised by what I actually capture compared to what I intend to photograph. This photo of our son and his dog Taz is not at all what it appears. Both the dog and the boy are fast friends (see also here and here) - and what's actually happening is our son is calling Taz to follow him, and Taz is stalling and licking his chops.


Stormy said...

That's why I just bought a new camera - so that I can get all those great quick shots. With our old camera we tried to get a picture of Jacob going around on an amusement park ride (a swing) and we eneded up with 20 pictures before we had one of him in it! (I bought the Canon SD450.)

We have two dogs. One is terrified of Jacob and the other one tolerates anything but doesn't seem to enjoy his company like your dog enjoys your son's company!

Sleep-Deprived said...

Hi Stormy! Glad you like your new camera. I have the Olympus c-8080 (advanced digital) - and have decided that my next camera will be a digital SLR. I debated between the two when I bought this one - but liked framing the photos in the lcd screen (not to mention a slightly smaller profile), but am now convinced I don't want the lag time (and mine supposedly has low lag!) Ah well...maybe before baby number four arrives!

Also, enjoyed the photos from your dad's blog :)

HALEY BABE:) said...