May 28, 2006

You look just like a flower

When I bought this floation ring, I knew there would be a price to pay beyond the cash register. I am the only female in our household. I didn't buy this to make a point. When I bought it, we were on our way to swim at a friend's house and it was the only one left at the store (our other one had a hole in it).

Today, as my husband prepared our pool stuff for a Memorial Day pool party the flowery ring reappeared. He started out with it around his neck, making the boys laugh at how it didn't fit. Next thing I knew he had it around his face (see the photo). Our four-year-old responded, "you look just like a flower!" And then like all things that crack the boys up (usually instigated by their dad) they proceeded to plead "can I try too." Well, one thing lead to another, and eventually even the baby and I posed for photos.

You've got to be able to appreciate a dad who spends the day with his family, the better part of the afternoon in the backyard with the boys playing in a wading pool, with water guns, etc etc and then still has a sense of humor and playfulness about getting ready for a pool party tomorrow. We love him!

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Grammy said...

How absolutely adorable! You've all outdone yourselves this time!

(Finely online! Written from a public library in Alamo, TX, 12 miles from the border w/Mexico.)