January 6, 2006

Old Mac Donald has diversified

Back in November I posted about the verses our 3 1/2 year-old added to Old Mac Donald had a Farm.

It would appear the old man has diversified his interests even more. Today our son was singing about his tree, burp cloth, house and ball. I haven't figured out the "tale tale here and a tale tale there," but I understand the ball with a "roll roll here and a roll roll there" because we don't bounce the ball in the house. :)

Also joining the chorus was our almost 2 year-old son (though it came out "Old Mac Donald hammy fammy, e-i-e-i-o"). I found it all rather entertaining, but I think my 14 year-old nephew who had just spent two and a half hours in the car listening to the "extended version" was ready to boot the old man off the farm.

I reveled in reminding him of the round after round of Down by the Station that he used to sing for the hour and a half trip back and forth to Sea World when he was little.

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