January 4, 2006

Right to Privacy?

Our oldest son has been at his Grandparents' house for the last week. It is his first time solo away from home. His 13 year-old cousin (my nephew) is also there.

Apparently today when my nephew was in the bathroom our son knocked on the door and said, "My Mom lets me come in when she's going."

(I let him come in? I didn't know I had a choice!!!)


Juanita said...

Stumbled upon your blog by way of another and I just had to say I have the same deal with my four year old. I didn't know I had a choice either until her favorite aunty was in the lavatory and my daughter at the top of her lungs yelled to her, "let me in Paty, my mom lets me come in...even if it's stinky" Mortifying as it may be, they totally make their way in for the sake of making their way in. Gotta love the lil' ones.

Sleep-Deprived said...

Juanita - LOL! I figured I wasn't in this alone! Also lovely is the running commentary in the bathroom when we are out in public. You know, inquiries into the specific nature of the call (for all to hear).

I also hear some mothers struggling to keep the PUBLIC bathroom door closed. I have joined in THAT choir of "Do NOT open the door until I tell you it's okay!" :)

Layman said...

You ladies have it easy. Try getting running commentary while you are teaching your son to use public restrooms from the standing position.