January 10, 2006

Potty humor of a 3 1/2 year-old

More laughs from the privacy of the bathroom:

"Did you see that little doink of poopy?" - (doink?!)
"Help! The poopy's caaaatching me!" - (trying to escape the rising pile under his bottom)
"Heeey, that poopy made a 'C'?" - (referring to the shape of the deposit)
"Oh, I didn't go poopy, that's just a piece of poopy" (what??!!!)

And in case you missed it, this is still my favorite post on the subject.

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^starshine said...

Ah yes...how many times have I heard Mom Jr. talk about her poop.

She will poop and tell me "I pooped mama...just a little bit." And then pinch her fingers together to emphasize the size.

She sometimes will laugh cause her poop resembles a letter.