December 11, 2005

Blankets-they're not just for sleeping anymore...

This is our son's favorite blanket ("nigh-nigh"). There's no telling what all it will be used for in the hours before bedtime. I've seen it used as:
1. a rocking horse blindfold
2. a speed bump
3. a tunnel (crimped in a closet door and draped across the couch
4. a basketball
5. a bus wash
6. cargo
7. a street (both boys drive their Hot Wheels on the rows as though they are lanes)
8. a booster seat
9. something to drag while running around the house laughing hysterically

...and of course sleeping


Layman said...

Maybe we should have named him "Linus."

He also uses it as a cloak of invisibility. He'll cover himself in the blanket and say, "you can't see me."

Sleep-Deprived said...

Just yesterday he was poking his fingers through the holes asking one by one, "can you see my one/two/three finger(s)?"