December 22, 2005

"See Jesus!"

My husband is a Nativity scene addict, which he readily admits. One of the five (and counting) nativity scenes we have is a small, kind of hokey, and very loud "talking" nativity. He likes to sit down with the boys at night to let them "push the button" and hear the nativity tell the story of Jesus' birth. This has elicited "I want to see JESUS" from the boys, pointing up at the mantle (to the untrained eye it might look like they're pointing into the sky). After they've listened to the message, he goes through "what's that" pointing to each of the different people/animals/objects. Our 3 1/2 year old and almost 2 year old alternate giving him answers.

The other night, they were going through the usual routine - the boys asked to see Jesus, they then listened to the story and started naming the objects. (Okay you know this little idyllic scene has to break down somewhere right?!!) My husband says to the almost two year old, "what's that?" (pointing to a cow) and he says "SHEEP!". And without missing a beat his older brother says, "that's not a sheep ya goof, that's a COW!"

Now I have to admit that the "ya goof" comment comes straight from me (good natured as it is). But I'd never heard my son say it before (and I have to say I am impressed with his timing and somewhat appropriate use of the term). Laughing, my husband ribbed me a little about the different impartation the two of us are making to our boys. "See Jesus" vs. "Ya goof". Well, I guess he's right :)

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