December 21, 2005

Hide and Seek Toddler-Style

Reading about the game of hide and seek at Busy Mom's house reminded me of my nephew's (13) recent attempt to teach our boys how to play hide and seek.

Once we convince our 3 1/2 year old to stop running out of his hiding place as soon as the counting is done, the game goes something like this:

Nephew: "Okay, go hide (1...2...3...4...etc.)"
Son #1: (giggles and runs to the same hiding place almost everytime)
Son #2: (giggles and follows closely on the heels of Son #1)
Nephew: "...9...10...Ready or not, here I come!"

At this point it is totally obvious where the boys are hiding, but to keep things interesting, my nephew walks around saying in a loud voice "hmmm, I wonder where he is."

Son #1: (giggles from under the bed)
Son #2: (standing right next to the bed in plain sight)
Nephew: "Gee, I wonder where he's hiding?"
Son #1: (gleefully laughing) "I'm under HEEEERE!!!!!" (still waiting to be found)

The best part, we actually caught the whole thing on video :)


Busy Mom said...

They are too funny! It's fun to see their development through something like this, one day it will dawn on them not to give the hiding place away.

Sleep-Deprived said...

Busy Mom-I wonder if it will come on like an epiphany...or if he'll just slowly figure it out. In the meantime, we can just enjoy the laughs :)