December 9, 2005

Who's spa is it anyway?

It's like he was saying, "have you got my spa ready yet?!"

For anyone just tuning in - I don't consider Taz one of my children - he's our boys' dog. This post is part of the "week of Taz". Funny thing about revisiting his has reminded me how he acts so much more like a cat than a dog (with the exception of his love for water). He even lays on his back and bats at things with his paws. And though it seems he likes to be inside all the time to be around is rumored that he just likes the air conditioning.


Layman said...

Unlike a dog or a cat, Taz has no coordination. He runs into things (and sometimes children) and has accidently fallen into the spa a few times. Okay, he had some help with the latter but I can attest that his dog paddle is effective.

Sleep-Deprived said...

I think my favorite is when he gets all excited about dinner and bonks his head on the door frame trying to look at me while running through it!