December 4, 2005

"Stay outta tha MUD Taz!!!"

I've been posting about our dog Taz in preparation for his homecoming. He obviously loves water - and it doesn't have to be CLEAN. In fact, Taz could be considered a "waterhound" - he cannot pass by the smallest amount of water without at least putting in his feet. This makes me a bit crazy as we have LIGHT carpet in our house. I don't think I realized how often I was getting after him until I heard my son at the door gruffly saying,
"Stay outta tha MUD Taz!!"

I didn't get a picture of Taz, but suffice it to say, he didn't listen.


Layman said...

Are you sure it wasn't, "Stay out the mud, Taz, you #!$#@*$%&!&!!#$*#@!!!!!

Sleep-Deprived said...

Yes, I'm sure. But a certain toddler did cause me to stop muttering "stUpid dog" under my breath when Taz would appear at the door with muddy feet :)